Friday, November 30, 2007

Internal vs. External PR

Anyone involved in public relations realizes the two main audiences - internal and external - are both very important for very different reasons. But which is more important? As a pr practitioner, is it more beneficial to provide up-to-date information immediately to the external public, or to make sure the internal public is the very first to know new information?

This question becomes somewhat tricky, as the information each public receives is different. The general, external public is given info that the internal public should already know, however in the case of a crisis neither internal nor external publics are fully aware of the current situation.

In times of crisis, I believe the internal public - the people working inside the company - become the most important. As a representative of the company, everyone suddenly becomes a spokesperson in times of crisis. Because of this, it is imperative that workers; the internal public, know and understand the situation at hand.

Both publics must fully understand what a company or organization stands for, as well as its capabilities. By fully educating the internal public of an organization, the external public may also become fully educated.


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